black light tattoo photoWhen most people think of tattoos, they think of permanent imprints on the body that contain either black or sometimes vibrant colored ink and can be easily seen by the naked eye.  Even with temporary henna tattoos, the ink is very visible and easy to spot. There is a different type of tattoo experience; however, and it has to do with a tattoo that is a little more subtle than obvious.

Ultraviolet tattoos (or black light tattoos) are created with ink that only becomes visible if exposed to a black light. Therefore, these tattoos cannot be seen in normal light like most tattoos.

This unique ink experience has been popular with teens over the past decade due to the fact that the tattoos become visible under black lights. The UV tattoos are popular at raves and nightclubs in the Houston area. The special effects caused by the black light allow the tattoo to light up in many different colors. In order to be seen, since they only appear with special light, most tattoos are placed on key areas of the body such as face, arm, and legs.

While these special types of tattoos may look cool or appealing, they do not come without certain risks and can lead to problems with the skin. The chemicals that are being used to create the ultraviolet ink are raising concerns as multiple issues have been reported by consumers. Some common risk factors associated with these UV tattoos: skin rashes, blisters, and infections.

If you are thinking about getting one of these “unique” tattoos, you may want to think twice. There are currently no regulations on this type of ink, which allows tattoo artists to manufacture their own ink. In addition, this procedure is more complicated than normal tattoo treatments and requires a high level of expertise.

Unlike regular tattoos, ultraviolet tattoos cannot be removed with a laser tattoo procedure and this service is not offered at our clinic. However, we are highly qualified to remove all other tattoos with normal pigmented ink. Give New Look Laser Tattoo Removal a call today at 713-783-2000 if you are in need of tattoo removal in the greater Houston area.

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