Are you looking to remove a tattoo and you are curious where to have the treatments performed? We – the staff of New Look Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston – would mention the following points:

(1) New Look Laser Tattoo Removal specializes in laser tattoo removal. It’s in our name – laser tattoo removal is what we do. Our tattoo removal lasers are exclusively designed to break up the ink in a tattoo and allow the tattoo to fade. It’s not magic – it’s good science. Precise wavelengths of light are created by the laser, and the light is absorbed by the ink in your tattoo. Absorbing this energy causes the ink to shatter into tiny pieces, which can then be flushed away by your immune system over the next few weeks. You’ll need multiple treatments to remove a tattoo, and we’ll generally schedule your follow-up treatments 4 or 6 weeks apart.

(2) The staff at New Look is expertly trained to perform laser tattoo removal safely and effectively. We’ll have you wear stylish (just kidding) goggles that will fully protect your eyes from the laser light. We’ll cool or numb your skin before your treatment so that the procedure will be more comfortable. We’ll ask if you are interested in removing your tattoo completely or just removing a part of it. Many of our patients like part of their tattoo but only want a piece of it (a name or something that wasn’t tattooed correctly) removed. That’s something we can help with.

(3) Our laser tattoo removal procedure is affordable. Not only does New Look offer the best laser tattoo removal in Houston, we also make sure it is within your budget. Our services are within almost any budget. You pay each time you receive a treatment, so you don’t have to pay for an entire set of treatments up front. Procedures can be an inexpensive as $150 per treatment. You can also apply for financing through LendingUSA if you are interested in doing that. Ask one of our staff about this and they’ll give you the details.

You can contact New Look Laser Tattoo Removal at 713.783.2000.

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