New Look Laser Consulting and Laser College provides the best laser certification training for tattoo removal in the United States. Upon completion of our laser courses, you are a certified laser specialist and laser safety officer and can safely and effectively provide laser tattoo removal treatments for your clients. Our laser technician training is the best training for lasers available. We cover the history of tattoos and tattoo removal, laser physics, skin-laser interactions, best tattoo removal protocols and give you plenty of opportunity for practice on real, live patients.

Our hands on laser training course give you experience using the best laser equipment for tattoo removal on the market. The Astanza Trinity allows you to remove tattoos of any color and it has incorporated the most advanced and best laser technology current available. With this tattoo removal machine, laser removal is easy. You will quickly be able to give your clients the results they are looking for which will enable you to immediately start to make a profit. This is a great opportunity for a second income and a new stream of revenue.

To learn more about our laser school or our laser technician training program please contact us at 713.783.2000.

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