Ankle TattooFor many people thinking about getting a tattoo, a major consideration is the pain that will be involved with the process. Most people who have tattoos have been asked the question: “does it hurt” and have answered with a definitive “yes… it did.” With this being said, there are definitely areas of the body that will be more painful when exposed to the needle.

Everyone has different pain levels and experiences tattoo placement differently, but there are three common factors that determine how painful the placement of a tattoo will be: how thin/or thick (fatty) the area of skin is, how close to the bone the area is, and how many nerve endings are in the area.

Generally speaking, nerve endings are greatest in areas that are the most sensitive to touch and areas near to joints tend to have more nerve endings. Areas of the body that have thick skin, fat or muscle away from bone and nerve endings will be the parts of the body that will experience less pain when getting a tattoo.

Here is a list of the different areas of the body that are considered to be the most painful and those that are considered to be the least painful areas for tattoo placement.

Most Painful Areas:

  1. Ankle
  2. Top of foot
  3. Eyebrows/eyelids
  4. Chest or rib cage
  5. Elbow
  6. Lips
  7. Knuckles
  8. Spine
  9. Behind the ear
  10. Inside of wrist

Least Painful Areas:

  1. Shoulder
  2. Thigh
  3. Buttocks
  4. Arm 
  5. Back
  6. Hips

No matter what part of the body a tattoo is placed on, the staff at New Look Laser Tattoo Removal can assist you with any and all of your tattoo removal needs. Give us a call today at 713-783-2000 for a free consultation!

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