Yes, it seems that when a tattoo is located closer to a lymph node in the body it may be slightly easier to remove. Having said that, the benefit may only be one or two treatments less than if it were in another area of the body. Lymph nodes are the center for the immune system and since it is the immune system responding to the injury by the laser, the easier it is for the immune system to get there the better. A couple of common areas for lymph nodes are the under arms and the neck. In Houston, we see neck tattoos quite frequently and they tend to go away a little faster. Also, tattoos that are close to the underarms tend to fad faster as well. Arm bands will sometimes fad unevenly having the area closest to the underarm fad first.

We have successfully removed tattoos from all over the body in Houston. Do not let the location of your tattoo prevent you from starting your first laser tattoo removal treatment.

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