New Look Laser Consulting offers a laser tattoo removal training course specific for OB/Gyn Practices. Approximately 2/3 of the clients requesting laser tattoo removal are women within their child bearing years. An OB/Gyn or Women’s Health medical practice is the perfect location to offer laser tattoo removal. During our laser tattoo removal training course for obstetricians and gynecologists, we will include everything you need to know to effective incorporate laser tattoo removal into your current practice. You will learn the history behind tattooing and tattoo removal, laser physics, skin-tissue interactions, the basics of dermatology, the laser protocols to use, the marketing of your laser tattoo removal business and most importantly have many hands-on laser tattoo removal treatments on live models.

This is the pefect opportunity to add laser tattoo removal to your OB/Gyn practice. Please call us at 713.783.2000 or email us at

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