Proper aftercare is crucial when having a tattoo removed. Laser tattoo removal can be tough on the skin and aftercare is very important in order for the area to heal correctly, be free of infections and have a minimal risk of scarring. Do not be alarmed if any blistering, bruising or tenderness occurs, these are common side effects after a tattoo removal procedure. If the skin itches is it safe to rub Aquaphor, vitamin E or Neosporin on the area. Although some discomfort may occur in the few days following treatment, the side effects will clear up within the next week. Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare
Important aftercare instructions to follow include keeping the treated area clean and dry while it is healing. If you choose to go to the gym be careful not to sweat over the area excessively. Baths, saunas or soaking of any kind should be avoided until area has completely healed.
If blisters occur, put ointment for the next 24 hours after they pop and place a sterile bandage over it. It is very important not to pick a scab should one form as this may increase the change of scarring. Also, shaving the area that has been treated should be avoided.
Following this set of aftercare instructions can make the difference between a scar in place of the tattoo or beautiful, clear skin after tattoo removal! Before you leave New Look Laser Tattoo Removal we will make sure to send you home with a set of aftercare instructions. If you have any questions feel free to ask before you leave or give us a call at our Houston location,  713-783-2000!

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