Waiting Between Laser Tattoo Removal TreatmentsThe proper wait times between laser tattoo removal treatments vary based on the individual being treated. The typical wait time falls between four and eight weeks. This time frame is set to insure the best results.

Many factors contribute to an effective laser tattoo removal treatment—time included. The laser treatment itself breaks up the ink particles beneath the skin. During the time allotted between treatments, the body’s immune system flushes away those particles, eliminating the tattoo.

The body never stops flushing away the tattoo ink and even does so naturally over time. However, the shattering of ink particles during laser tattoo removal encourages and expedites the flushing away process.

Ideally, the four to eight weeks waiting time between treatments will allow for complete healing. If the tattooed area is still scabbed or visibly healing from the last laser treatment, it is beneficial to wait even longer.

With proper tattoo removal aftercare and a non-sensitive skin type, waiting time between treatments could be minimized. If scabs, scars, infection, sunburn, or pigmentation issues exist, the laser treatment should be postponed until the issue is resolved.

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