There are many methods of tattoo removal, but using a laser is the safest and most effective.

NLH Treatment webTattoo removal creams are ineffective because they cannot reach the deep, unwanted ink. Surgical methods of getting rid of tattoos are extremely harsh and can cause severe scarring or infection.

Since laser tattoo removal is the best option for de-inking, it’s important to the know what to look for in a laser. The most important elements include wavelengths and power.

Each wavelength targets a specific set of colors. Most tattoo removal clinics only have the technology to use one or two wavelengths, limiting the number of colors that can effectively be treated. At New Look Laser Tattoo Removal, we use the Astanza Trinity laser system that combines the three most popular wavelengths to successfully treat the entire spectrum of ink colors.

Power is vital in successfully eliminating the entire tattoo, also. If the laser system does not have enough power to treat the tattoo until there is no tattoo left, a patient would be left with spots of ink and a light, blurry tattoo. Basically, the tattoo needs more and more power as the ink is faded away through each tattoo removal treatment. By the 4th or 5th treatment, A LOT of power is necessary for the laser to be able to reach the ink deep inside the skin. At New Look, our Trinity laser system is a power horse. The power availability for each wavelength leaves nothing to be desired and can successfully blast away a tattoo from start to finish with no lag in efficiency.

Treatments take less than 15 minutes and we offer free consultations at our convenient Galleria location.  Call today to schedule your appointment- (713) 783-2000.

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