Take Advantage of the Houston SunSummer is the perfect time to get started with laser tattoo removal. The sun offers some important benefits for the tattoo removal process and allows for those who have just had a treatment to heal efficiently using its natural resources.

After getting a laser tattoo removal treatment, it is not advantageous to be in the sun immediately, but within one month there are numerous benefits.

First, the sun naturally fades tattoo ink. After a month of proper aftercare and sunscreen use, sun exposure can act as a catalyst for the natural fading of tattoo ink in the skin. Just like a dark t-shirt or a hat left in the sun, tattoo ink can fade.

Part of this fading process is due to the body’s natural skin growth. The sun elicits growth of new skin as a mechanism of self-preservation. This tissue growth works against the newly shattered tattoo ink and promotes the immune system to flush it away.

The final benefit the sun has on laser tattoo removal is its ability to help with some pigmentation issues that can arise after treatment. Hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation are the over production of melanin and under production of melanin in the skin, respectively.

Typically found on darker skin types, hyper and hypo pigmentation are easily resolved after a few months, but hypopigmentation can be alleviated by sun exposure. Sunlight helps the body regulate itself and will naturally induce proper melanin production.

For a reminder of proper laser tattoo removal aftercare, click here, and don’t forget to be safe in the Houston sun. It’s still early in the summer and a great time to get started with laser tattoo removal, especially if your skin type is susceptible to pigmentation issues. Call New Look Laser Tattoo Removal, 713-783-2000, for a free consultation- we’ve got air conditioning!

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