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20 Tattoo blogs you must read!

20 Tattoo blogs you must read!

  • May26, 2010
  • By New Look Houston

Tattoos are extremely popular in society worldwide nowadays, and there are many excellent sites and blogs that are all about tattoos and the tattoo culture. The sites listed below are 20 of the top sites relating to the world of tattoos and the tattoo culture. Perhaps these can serve as inspiration to help you decide what kind of tattoo you want, or else you may just enjoy admiring some great artwork and learning about the ancient form of art.

  1. Tattoo Blog – Your gateway to the world of Tattoos and skin art, lots of excellent posts and pictures.
  2. Needles and Sins – A blog with a focus on tattoos, tattoo culture, music, art, books and much more…
  3. Flash Your Tattoo – A great blog all about tattoos and art.
  4. Off the Map Tattoo – A blog run by a Tattoo parlor from Mass. All kinds of great pics and tattoo info as well as a forum for anyone into tattoo/body art culture.
  5. Your Tattoo Blog – Another excellent blog with all kinds of tattoo ideas, tips and advice.
  6. Needle Buzz – The basis of is to showcase the best, most vibrant tattoos from around the world.
  7. Contrariwise – This is a website about literary tattoos. That is, tattoos based on books, poems, lyrics, and many other literary sources.
  8. The Tattoo Blog – A blog all about the art that adorns the flesh.
  9. Pin Up Tattoos – A nice blog dedicated to pin up tattoo girls, there is some awesome ink to be seen here.
  10. Tattoosday – A tattoo blog dedicated to meeting and appreciating body art in the New York City area.
  11. Ugliest Tattoos – A blog and a gallery of tattoo regrets.
  12. A Tattooed Blog – A blog written by Noel Boyd that covers tattoos and the culture as well as many other random things. A nice blog that is worth reading for all tattoo enthusiasts.
  13. Allen Tattoo – Another tattoo gallery and blog with great info that is written by a tattoo artist from Maryland.
  14. Needled – A community for the love of tattoos.
  15. Body Modification Ezine – They have it all here, from tattoos and piercings to other types of body modifications. They have all kinds of great galleries, videos, and info.
  16. Ink Nerd – Ink Nerd is a weblog geared toward newbie tattoo nerds like me. This includes tattoo enthusiasts who are into really nerdy stuff as well as people who are obsessed with tattoos with a geek-like passion.
  17. Idle Hand Tattoo – Another top notch tattoo blog by an actual tattoo artist.
  18. Swallows & Daggers – A tattoo blog with a focus on traditional and neo-traditional tattooing.
  19. Tattoo Artist Blog – Lots of tattoo designs and tattoo information.
  20. The Rinse Cup – Stories from tattoo artists.
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