Investment Thesis: New Look Laser Tattoo Removal offers investors a pure-play opportunity to invest in laser tattoo removal, one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures in the United States. Upwards of 20% of Americans have a tattoo, and surveys suggest that 50% or more will want to remove these tattoos at some point. The profitable clinics exist, the patient population exists, the technology exists, consumers are actively seeking this service irrespective of the macro-economy, and Harvard-educated medical entrepreneurs are growing a chain of clinics to meet the needs of patients, our employees, and investors.

Strong Drivers of Demand for Laser Tattoo Removal

Patients are motivated to remove their tattoos for many reasons. Name tattoos are common and after the end of a relationship patients understandably feel a need to remove this remnant of their past, especially when entering a new relationship. Many women decide to remove their tattoos when they start a family and switch from the expressive and rebellious phase of their life to one with different, more traditional values. Patients are motivated to remove visible tattoos to pursue employment opportunities or joining the military, which places a range of restrictions on recruits and body art. These motivations are strong, and place a primary claim on the discretionary income of our patients.

The Patient Population is Very Large, and Growing

Several research studies have explored tattoos and tattoo removal in American society over the last few years. The popular media is full of coverage of tattooing, tattoo shops (LA Ink, Miami Ink are popular reality shows), and the mainstreaming of body art. Upwards of 50% of 20-29 year olds are reported to have at least one tattoo. 20% of Americans adults have a tattoo. Every days, tens of thousands of new potential patients are being churned out by tattoo studios. The psychological motivations for tattooing exist. The psychological motivations for tattoo removal (change of lifestyle and relationship status, changes in body and skin over the years, upward mobility in society and employment, etc.) are a constant, and will lead to an even larger market for tattoo removal than currently exists today.

Laser Tattoo Removal is an Effective, Safe, Well-Tolerated Procedure

Tattoo removal lasers utilize specific wavelengths of light directed in high-intensity pulses at unwanted tattoo pigment. The tattoo ink absorbs certain wavelengths (“Theory of Selective Photothermolysis”), causing the ink to heat very quickly and shatter. The body’s immune system is then able to flush away the tiny pieces of ink, which were previously lodged in the epidermis and epidermal-dermal layer. Over a number of treatments (generally 3-10, spaced at least a month apart) a tattoo will be gradually faded, with a minimum of side effects. Patients will experience swelling, redness, and occasional blistering for up to a week after the procedure, but no long-term damage to the skin such as scarring. The last twenty years have seen great advances in laser technology as old lasers (Ruby, Argon, CO2) have been replaced by a new standard (Nd:YAG) that remove a wide range of colors without scarring or significant side effects.

New Look Laser Tattoo Removal offers an investment opportunity in laser tattoo removal

New Look, with active clinics in Houston and Dallas is likely the #1 or #2 most active laser tattoo removal clinic chain in the United States (and the world) in terms of the number of treatments completed. Our tattoo removal clinics focus exclusively on laser tattoo removal and have developed a strong brand that represents focus and expertise in this procedure.

After a year and a half of operation, New Look is actively seeking investors that would like to share in the profits and growth of our successful business. There is simply no better investment in laser tattoo removal available, and we will be willing to demonstrate this to your satisfaction by describing our operation, plans for the future, and evaluation of the market.

An investment in laser tattoo removal with New Look offers both a strong yield and significant growth with expert managers in place. Ryan Lambert and Lynette Kennedy are Harvard-educated medical entrepreneurs with a track record of creating and growing successful and profitable clinics with discipline and determination.

Mr. Lambert is a former strategy management consultant with expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical industries and a world-class work ethic. Ms. Kennedy is a family nurse practitioner with a broad medical background, operational zeal, and noted expertise in the tattoo removal field. Mr. Lambert and Ms. Kennedy also operate New Look Laser College, a training program that provides instruction for those seeking certification in laser tattoo removal.

Contact for Potential Investors

Interested parties should contact Ryan N. Lambert, New Look’s President for more information. He can be contacted by phone (713.292.6836) or email at