About New Look

Houston’s Leading Tattoo Removal Clinic

New Look Laser Tattoo Removal is Houston’s choice for effective laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal is the only treatment that we perform at New Look, and we complete more tattoo removal procedures than any other provider in Texas.

Tattoo Removal GogglesNew Look has been voted “Best Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston” by the Houston Press and has been featured on CNN, MTV, and numerous Houston media outlets. Our stellar reputation amongst our patients is due to our outstanding success rate of achieving complete tattoo removal results – something that not all clinics can boast.

More Experience + Superior Lasers = Better Results

New Look was established over six years ago by a team of Harvard-educated tattoo removal specialists. Since our founding, we have treated more tattoos than any of our Houston-area competitors. We’ve removed every type of tattoo – from simple names to tribal symbols to full sleeves and backs. We can remove tattoos of almost every color – even those with difficult-to-remove blue and green inks.

New Look’s professional medical staff is educated in tattoo removal to customize your treatment for the best removal results. Our practitioners use the most advanced tattoo removal lasers on the market. Patients report minimal discomfort and are amazed by how easily we can remove their tattoo. Visit our  tattoo removal results gallery to see some of the great work our lasers have achieved.

Expert Treatments Made Affordable

We offer free, no-obligation consultations for everyone, whether you are a first-time patient or are returning for removal of another tattoo. During the consultation, we’ll assess your tattoo, discuss any concerns, and give you a quote for treatment.

Patients are frequently amazed by how affordable laser tattoo removal is at New Look. Years ago, the same procedure would be less effective and costs tens of thousands of dollars. Today, we’re able to make tattoo removal affordable within almost any budget. The price of many sessions can be as low as $95 – or even cheaper if you use our new patient specials or purchase a package of treatments.

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